30 Mar 4 Benefits of On-site Education

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4 Benefits of On-site Education


Event and conference producers have a massive audience of American workers who take part in ongoing educational opportunities. In fact, two out of three workers (63%), or what Pew Research Center calls “professional learners”, participated in additional training in the past 12 months. This group is motivated to improve their work related skills and further their careers.

Three out of four professional learners (75%) receive their continuing education in a physical setting. The power of in-person education, and face to face marketing, often hold appeal over remote access.

Professional education has multiple rewards. Event managers may leverage these benefits for attendee marketing. When adult workers are asked how education paid off for them, the top four responses are:

  1.  65% say it expanded their professional network.
  2.  47% say their training helped them advance within their current company.
  3.  29% say it enabled them to find a new job with their current employer or a new one.
  4.  27% say it helped them consider a different career path.

While on-site learning is king, event managers may seek secondary revenue by providing attendees with access to education online. The technology involved in video capture is common place and there are multiple services available to stream or archive education content.

The full article released by the Pew Research Center is available here.