“NRF has been so pleased with the relationship we developed with Event Survey Group. We use to do our surveys in-house and it became very challenging as our event portfolio grew. We turned over all of our event surveys to them, and the process has never been so easy! Event Survey Group has been incredibly helpful, efficient and deadline focused. We have been very happy.”

Susan Newman

Senior Vice President, Conferences/Strategic Marketing

National Retail Federation

Event Surveys and Event Research

Event Survey Group is a key strategy consultant, providing critical analysis for large and small CVB and event venues, media companies, trade show producers, festival and concert promoters, exhibitors, publishers, member and professional groups.

Our goal is to enable our clients’ objectives, understand the story their data is telling, and turn it into recommendations to improve business outcomes.

Event Surveys

Event Surveys

Advanced questionnaire design produces results you can actually use. Live attendee feedback?  Pre- or Post-Show data?  Append survey results to an in-house database?  A consultative approach will help discover the optimal method. 

Specializing in research and event surveys for trade shows, festivals, concerts, conferences, fairs, and the event industry.  Just some of our event surveys include: On-site Intercepts, Attendee, Exhibitor and Session Evaluations.  For Reader and Membership Surveys please visit fuseResearch.

Competitor Intelligence and Marketing Consultation

Event Survey Group’s competitor analysis is a thorough investigation of competitor products and services. Learn how competitors are differentiating their products / services and engaging prospective clients.

Leverage our extensive history of zeroing in on the unique value essence offered by organizations. Our marketing consultation digs deep into organization objectives and distills the core strategy that creates individualization.

Trade Show Competitor
Exhibitor Services

Exhibitor Services

Exhibitor services include on-site event surveys, booth appeal studies, training effectiveness, event profiles and exhibitor event selection recommendations.

Event profiles and exhibitor event selection recommendations are the byproduct of thorough industry wide research. The emphasis is on audience demographics and an investigation of competitor history at specific events.

Web Analytics

Event Survey Group’s web analytics can be combined with a site usage survey to create a powerful tool that assesses which site features are used most often and why.

We study user behavior and motivations. Reports provide a guide on how to prioritize site content and maximize site objectives.

Web Analytics